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Your Whole Life (2007, Slipstream Press)
(20 poems, 40 pages, $13)
Winner, Slipstream Press
Poetry Chapbook Contest

"'Have you ever felt the world was full of edges?' Goetsch asks, and he can't keep himself from going right to those edges, whether he is writing about the entanglements of adult life, the cluelessness of childhood, or, as he so deftly does in several poems, both at once. The result is a poetry that is unforgiving, moving, and often very funny."
     —Jeffrey Harrison




  The Job of Being Everybody
(2004, Cleveland State University Press)
ISBN: 1-880834-62-6
(40 poems, 59 pages, $19)

Winner, CSU Poetry Center
Open Book Competition

“Douglas Goetsch’s autobiographical poetry is so consistently bleak, I’m not quite sure why I so often find it moving. I guess partly because the poetry seems so free from baloney, and because there is a sweetness down inside Goetsch’s insistence on the factual.”     —Mark Halliday





Nobody's Hell (1999, Hanging Loose Press)
ISBN: 1-882413-60-1
(40 poems, 74 pages, $16)

"Douglas Goetsch's first full length collection introduces to a wider readership a poet of subtle technical skill and wicked good humor. But even more important than these admirable qualities is Goetsch's compassionate understanding of peoples' lives....These poems will 'stay up in the head' of any reader who cares about poetry, and what we do here, in our time."     —Robert McDowell



  What's Worse (2002, Aldrich Museum)
ISBN: 1-888332-18-2
(13 poems, 32 pages, $11)

Selected by US Poet Laureate, Billy Collins, in the 2001 Aldrich Poetry Chapbook Competition. (What's Worse is bound in a volume with the other winner, The Soul's Landscape, by Sofia Starnes; there are two front covers, upside-down from one another).


  First Time Reading Freud (2002, Permafrost)
(20 poems, 35 pages, $9)

Winner of the 2002 Permafrost Chapbook Competition, First Time Reading Freud contains poems that have appeared in Prairie Schooner, Witness, and Alaska Quarterly Review. The chapbook is printed on fine, linen stock; the cover features the work of noted artist, Desirée Alvarez.



  Wherever You Want (Pavement Saw Press)
ISBN: 1-886350-79-5
(23 poems, 34 pages)

"One of the poems, 'Dinoasurs,' is dedicated to Stephen Dobyns, and you can see his fearlessness in these poems as well as his compulsive, brooding humanity. Douglas Goetsch has a large heart and he's found a richly moderated narrative voice to express it."     —Len Roberts

Winner of the Pavement Saw Press Chapbook Prize, Goetsch's first collection, is no longer in print.
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