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Falling Backwards into the World by Stephen Dunn

(Jane Street Press, 2012)
ISBN: 978-0-9723943-7-6
(30 pages)

A limited edition chapbook by Stephen Dunn, author of sixteen books and winner of the Pulitzer Prize for poetry. The book has a cambric weave gloss cover and is printed on flax felt paper. Cover painting by Marjorie Grigonis.





Challenges for the Delusional, edited by Christine Malvasi

(Jane Street Press, 2012)
ISBN: 978-0-9723943-8-3
(106 pages)

Challenges for the Delusional collects, for the first time, Peter Murphy’s eccentric poetry writing assignments, featured for the past 18 years at his annual Winter Poetry & Prose Getaway. This volume also contains an anthology of poems that were written to those prompts and published in magazines, books and anthologies. Visit a sample writing prompt.




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Signposts to Elsewhere by Yahia Lababidi

(Jane Street Press)
ISBN: 978-0-9723943-5-2
(88 pages)

Signposts to Elsewhere is a succulent, stunning collection of images and thoughts more well-lit than the old swinging torches of the lamplighters. I find myself pausing everywhere among these wisdoms, wondering why the world stumbles and staggers through such a dark and greedy time when there are people alive with such keen, caring insight. If Yahia Lababidi were in charge of a country, I would want to live there.” – Naomi Shihab Nye

“Wisdom for Lababidi is on the move, a matter of suppleness rather than rigor, of insights and angles rather than rules. – James Richardson, from the foreword


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Thorough & Efficient by Peter Murphy

(Jane Street Press)
ISBN: 978-0-9723943-4-5
(30 pages)

In Thorough & Efficient, Peter E. Murphy gives us a real depiction of the malaise of so-called “inner city” education. Murphy, who taught for 29 years at Atlantic City High School, is relentlessly accurate and often funny as he renders one indelible moment after another. In doing so he replaces the Hollywood script of the “hero” teacher, sacrificing everything so the orchestra can rise at the incipient miracle, with the realities of violence, indifference, intractable corruption, and everyday effort, skill, and decency. If there’s any heroism here, it is that Murphy never romanticizes his job or his students, which is probably why he lasted so long.





Stubborn Child by Peter Murphy

(Jane Street Press)
ISBN: 0-9723943-2-X
(86 pages)

Peter Murphy's superb Stubborn Child unflinchingly enacts and examines his own painful childhood, then moves to the often damaged and compromised lives of the high school students he teaches. Like the best delineators of unhappiness, he also brings humor to his task, the dark humor of a survivor. And indeed this is a survivor's book, both transforming and transformative — in the end, Murphy the man able to love and affirm, Murphy the poet able to raise the unruly and the tawdry to the level of art. –Stephen Dunn



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  My Other Life by Tony Gloeggler

(Jane Street Press)
ISBN: 0-723943-1-1
(38 pages)

Like the gospel song, “He’s got the whole wide world in his hands,” Tony Gloeggler has succeeded, in My Other Life, in portraying his world so vividly that you feel like he has put his life in your hands. His writing deserves a purple heart — he has survived the battles with his parents, and the hand to hand combat of trying to find the right girlfriend. (‘My useless heart tucked / in a bag marked body parts. / My name etched on a black / wall. No one snaps its picture / No finger traces its letters.’) Yet even before the smoke clears you can see how he has never stopped loving his so-called enemies. And you, the reader, will never stop loving this book. –Hal Sirowitz

  A Hurricane Is by Angelo Verga

(Jane Street Press)
ISBN: 0-723943-0-3
(105 pages)

"Angelo Verga's poems hurricane through urban subject matter with astounding clarity and force 'with every breath, regularly & continuously, like a messianic machine.' They 'snatch the greasy dishes, and fling them at the rusted pots and pans' of our way of life. Images swirl, narratives sting. This book resounds with indispensable noise; it's a wake-up call, filled with unflinching honesty, humor, and haunting tenderness."     —Laure-Anne Bosselaar


  Carthage by Baron Wormser

(A limited edition chapbook about a character who is president of the United States)

From the outset we recognize "Carthage," Baron Wormser’s replica of a president befuddled by events he’s helped create, yet cognizant enough to know that he can exercise enormous power….Through his droll and deft mediation and orchestration of effects, Wormser has imagined for us a man who’s a frightening mix of power and banality.
– Stephen Dunn

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Your Whole Life by Douglas Goetsch (2007, Slipstream Press)
(20 poems, 40 pages, $13)

Winner, Slipstream Press
Poetry Chapbook Contest

"'Have you ever felt the world was full of edges?' Goetsch asks, and he can't keep himself from going right to those edges, whether he is writing about the entanglements of adult life, the cluelessness of childhood, or, as he so deftly does in several poems, both at once. The result is a poetry that is unforgiving, moving, and often very funny."
     —Jeffrey Harrison


The Job of Being Everybody by Douglas Goetsch
Winner, CSU Poetry Center Open Book Competition

(2004, Cleveland State University Press)
ISBN: 1-880834-62-6
(40 poems, 59 pages, $18)

“Douglas Goetsch’s autobiographical poetry is so consistently bleak, I’m not quite sure why I so often find it moving. I guess partly because the poetry seems so free from baloney, and because there is a sweetness down inside Goetsch’s insistence on the factual.”     —Mark Halliday

“It’s hard to imagine a reader who could resist Goetsch’s seductive opening lines.”    —Billy Collins


Nobody's Hell by Douglas Goetsch

(1999, Hanging Loose Press)
ISBN: 1-882413-60-1
(40 poems, 74 pages)

"Douglas Goetsch's first full length collection introduces to a wider readership a poet of subtle technical skill and wicked good humor. But even more important than these admirable qualities is Goetsch's compassionate understanding of peoples' lives....These poems will 'stay up in the head' of any reader who cares about poetry, and what we do here, in our time."     —Robert McDowell

  What's Worse by Douglas Goetsch

(2002, Aldrich Museum)
ISBN: 1-888332-18-2
(13 poems, 32 pages)

Selected by US Poet Laureate, Billy Collins, in the 2001 Aldrich Poetry Chapbook Competition. (What's Worse is bound in a volume with the other winner, The Soul's Landscape, by Sofia Starnes; there are two front covers, upside-down from one another).

  First Time Reading Freud by Douglas Goetsch

(2002, Permafrost)
(20 poems, 35 pages)

Winner of the 2002 Permafrost Chapbook Competition, First Time Reading Freud contains poems that have appeared in Prairie Schooner, Witness, and Alaska Quarterly Review. The chapbook is printed on fine, linen stock; the cover features the work of noted artist, Desirée Alvarez.
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