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  A Hurricane Is by Angelo Verga
(includes shipping)

(Jane Street Press)
ISBN: 0-723943-0-3
(105 pages)

"Angelo Verga's poems of testimony and painful clarity cast a fierce, urgent, disturbing, hard-earned view into the dark reaches of the American psyche. I admire their precision and rigorousness in both craft and vision, and I love that they are almost always ultimately generous to the poet's own pain and wonder, and to the pain and wonder of others. There's a remarkable urgency and vulnerability at the heart of almost every poem. These are poems with much beauty and honesty."     —Jason Shinder

"Angelo Verga's poems hurricane through urban subject matter with astounding clarity and force 'with every breath, regularly & continuously, like a messianic machine.' They 'snatch the greasy dishes, and fling them at the rusted pots and pans' of our way of life. Images swirl, narratives sting. This book resounds with indispensable noise; it's a wake-up call, filled with unflinching honesty, humor, and haunting tenderness."     —Laure-Anne Bosselaar

"Now here's a poet who knows how to begin a poem and push through fast and smooth. Zoom in anywhere in this book, you won't find an unsure beat. This collection speaks of the domestic world of the poet/speaker as much as it reaches out into the world at large. These are beautifully crafted poems."     —Martha Rhodes

"Angelo Verga is willing to take chances as he works through the two main energies of this book: awe before the mystery of love and outrage at the evil that people inflict upon themselves and others."     —Hugh Seidman

"Like a Zola or a Gogol, this 'Bronx poet' is as aware of the serious suffering and social perversion he sees around him in his urban landscape, as he is of the ironies of a bent and broken world. He brings a wry smile to our lips. Always accessible and never pretentious, Verga is a naturalistic poet of the streets with a lyrical beat and a view of the wide world from its gutters to its treetops."    —Daniela Gioseffi

Angelo Verga has been an energetic and expansive force on the New York City poetry scene for many years. His previous collections were Across The Street From Lincoln Hospital (New School, 1995) and The Six O'Clock News (Wind, 1999). He received a Bronx Council on the Arts BRIO grant, is a founding member of Against the Tide: Poets for Peace, and is the über curator of the many spoken word & poetry series' at The Cornelia Street Cafe in Greenwich Village. Verga, a 2001 Saltonstall Foundation Writing Resident, is currently at work on a long poem about Cuba, and answers e-mail at: bronxpoet@earthlink.net.
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